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Feel Better with Feldenkrais®

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  • Individual Appointments

    • Functional Integration - Adults $130

      This is “hands-on” Feldenkrais. Practitioners are trained to detect minute resistances in your movement patterns which often represent emotional, psychological or physical limitations. I use sensitive touch and gentle exploratory movements to help you find freedom from compulsive, imprisoning patterns and pain. This kind of subtle, supportive touch is rarely felt, and feels deeply nourishing and relaxing. The lessons are particularly suitable for people with specific problems such as back, neck, shoulder or other chronic pain, movement limitations or a need to improve any type of function - athletes, performing artists, other somatic practitioners.


    • Anat Baniel Method for Children $100
      The Anat Baniel Method is a science-based, revolutionary approach for waking up your child's brain. It's a transformational way of working with children who have various issues ranging from cerebral palsy, stroke, other kinds of brain injury and brain damage, scoliosis, genetic disorder, ADD, autism, and a host of other undiagnosed developmental issues.

  • Classes

    • Awareness Through Movement $20

      In these group classes, gentle exploratory movement sequences are designed to give each person more understanding of themselves. You learn to move with less pain and effort, and in such a way that changes occur in the brain patterns which organize control of your body. Lessons begin with comfortable, easy movement sequences that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity.  They are arranged so that they require movement with attention in order to sense kinesthetic (felt sense) differences. The lessons are often based on developmental movements such as rolling, crawling or going from lying to sitting.


    • Change Your Age $20
      The Change Your Age program is a revolutionary new approach to healthy aging and mind-body fitness for baby boomers. This movement-based program weaves in cognitive challenges that will help keep both your brain and your body youthful. The Change Your Age program leverages new and unusual movement to help generate new brain cells. 

    • Vitality - Bones for Life $20
      Vitality is a class where we combine Change your Age and Bones for Life movements and processes. Ginger tea is served at the end of the class during discussion time.



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